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Numbers Game

Pocket-Sized Scorebook

Pocket-Sized Scorebook

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Say hello to your little friend! The Pocket-Sized Scorebook is the perfect gameday companion. It’s easy to carry, built to hold up on the go, and uses our Palm Slapper scorecard system. It’s a laid-back way to enjoy the game in the moment, and remember it forever.

Scoresheet Vitals

Scoring Method: Traditional

Lineup slots: 9 (each with two substitution lines)

Pitcher slots: 8

Innings: 10

Scoring Orientation: Landscape


Cover: Mohawk Renewal Wheat 120# Cover stock (made with 30% rapidly-renewable straw fiber), spot printed with Pantone ink.

Interior Pages: Mohawk Renewal Clean White 80# Text stock (made with 30% rapidly-renewable hemp fiber), spot printed with Pantone ink.

Binding: Bronze Double O-Ring Wire, 3:1 pitch.


8" x 4" x 7/16"

Made in Wisconsin

Cover and interior pages offset-printed by Econoprint in Madison, Wisconsin.

All books are hand finished and assembled by the Numbers Game team from our home dugout in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Built-In Bookmark

Use the built-in cover flap bookmark to hold your spot when you need to close your scorebook.

Game Log

Document scored games in the game log for easy reference in the future. A fill-in-the-blank table of contents!

40-Game Capacity

Each scorebook comes with 40 games worth of scoresheets, and a 40-entry game log to match.


Who is this scorebook good for?

This scorebook is good for the scorekeeper who might not want to lug around a full-sized book, but who wants to record the game action while also being able to enjoy a hot dog and soak in the atmosphere.

If a scorebook that can capture more detail (like pitch sequences) is preferred, try the #22 Scorebook.

If this feels like a good format, but only a scorecard for one or two games is needed, check out the Palm Slappers.

Do you have examples or instructions on how to score games?

Sure, you can check out the Pocket-Sized Scorebook Almanac page for some examples of filled-out score sheets and other handy info.

Is this the same as the Palm Slapper, but in book form?

Yep, pretty much. The Pocket-Sized Scorebook was designed to use the same style of scoresheet as the Palm Slapper (though with one less inning, for space-saving reasons) and is the same size (8x4"). If you like the size and style of the Palm Slapper but wish they came in a book format, then this is the scorebook for you!

Will this book fit into my pocket?

As long as you aren’t working with weird tiny pockets, then yes! The format of this book is patterned after old-school reporter’s journals, designed to fit neatly into jacket pockets, pants pockets, or even dress shirt pockets if you’re feeling brave. The corners of the book are rounded to prevent unsightly dog ears and make pocket-stuffing easy.

How durable is this book?

The covers of this scorebook are thick 120# cover-weight paper. And with the built-in bookmark, the front cover is doubly as thick when folded shut! It’s sturdy enough to last, with just enough flexibility to be a comfortable pocket carry.

Will ink bleed through the pages?

The scoresheet pages are thick 80# text weight paper. Your pens and highlighters won’t bleed through, so no worries there.

What goes in the empty box at the bottom of the inning column?

It’s flexible space where you can track what you’d like. Inning pitch counts, a typical R/H/LOB or R/H/LOB/E total, any other combination of inning stats, snacks you’s your call.

Can I send this as a gift?

That’s a great idea! We can ship gift items to you, or put everything in order and ship directly to the gift recipient. Send us a note and let us know how we can help make the recipient feel deservedly special.

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