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Numbers Game

Palm Slapper Single-Game Scorecard

Palm Slapper Single-Game Scorecard

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When carrying (and protecting) your scorebook isn't in the cards, the Palm Slapper is the ideal compact companion. It's sturdier than it appears, roomier than you might expect, and super fun to use. 

Scoresheet Vitals

Scoring Method: Traditional

Lineup slots: 9 (each with one substitution line)

Pitcher slots: 9 per team

Innings: 11

Scoring Orientation: Landscape

Number of Games: One!


Mohawk Renewal Hemp Clean White 120# cover stock (30% hemp, FSC® certified), offset printed with black and green Pantone inks.


4" x 8" folded

Made in Wisconsin

All Numbers Game products are designed by our team from our home dugout in Madison, Wisconsin.

Palm Slappers are offset-printed by Econoprint in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Clap! Clap-Clap! Clap Your Hands!

There's a reason we call it the Palm Slapper. Slappin', yellin', drummin''s totally acceptable (and highly effective) to use this scorecard to help rally your club to victory!

Cover Enough of the Bases

Who got on? Who drove 'em in? Who saved the day? This compact scorecard may not do everything, but it gives you plenty of space to follow the story of the game.

Need a hand?

The Palm Slapper Almanac features a collection of how-tos, resources, and inspirations behind our favorite little single-game scorecard.

Check the Almanac


How durable is this?

Palm Slappers are made from heavy-duty cover stock. It's strong yet flexible so you can trust it to hold up to a game of scorin', slappin', drummin', and fannin'.

What goes in the empty box at the bottom of the inning column?

It's flexible space where you can track what you'd like. Inning pitch counts, a typical R/H/LOB or R/H/LOB/E total, any other combination of inning stats, snacks you's your call.

Can I send this as a gift?

That's a great idea! We can ship to you to give, or put everything in order to ship directly to the gift recipient. Send us a note and let us know how we can help make the recipient feel deservedly special.

“It's the mathematical potential for a single game to last forever.”