The Lineup

All Numbers Game scorebooks and scorecards are designed, printed, and hand-assembled from our home dugout in Wisconsin. (Go Brewers!)

Pocket-Sized Scorebook

Say hello to your little friend! The Pocket-Sized Scorebook™ is easy to carry, built to hold up on the go, and ideal for fans who like to track the game with a laid-back style.

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Number 22 scorebook on dugout bench showing metallic foil printing with dramatic reflection

#22 Scorebook

Score games your way, and feel good doing it. The #22 Scorebook is ruggedly-built, with scoresheets designed to guide the stats-lover without distracting those that prefer to score more simply.

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Palm-Slapper Scorecard

When carrying your scorebook along isn't in the cards, the Palm Slapper is your go-to for fun, casual scoring in a pocket-friendly format.

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Black Baseball Mixtape Scorecard

Say hello to the Palm Slapper’s cooler younger brother, a scorecard collaboration with the great Black Baseball Mixtape.

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  • Pete Rose headshot from his playing days


    You deserve a scorebook that's built to withstand the rigors of a long season.

  • Ozzie Smith headshot from his early days with the San Diego Padres


    Whether you track the basics or keep all the stats, our versatile scorecards are up to the task.

  • Robin Yount headshot from early in his Brewers career


    We sweat over the details to bring you the best scoring experience possible.