About Numbers Game

We’re sports fans from Wisconsin, and like many fans we’ve seen the NFL and the NBA surge past the MLB in popularity over the past decade or so. As great as those leagues and sports are, there’s something baseball has that other sports can’t claim: the scorekeeping tradition. 

Scorekeepers know that the game moves faster when you’re keeping track of balls and strikes, but keeping score is how we keep up with the game. It’s how we notice those battles-within-the-battle over a 162-game season. It’s a hobby and pastime that has existed for over a 100 years, and we want to help make sure it continues—perhaps even help make it more popular than ever.  

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  • John Kuehl / C, SS

    Bats righty, throws righty, scores lefty. Moves between Shortstop and Catcher in his 45-plus men’s baseball league and usually prefers whatever gets his jersey dirtier.

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  • John Rockwell / LF

    Bats righty, throws righty, scores righty. Suffered a career-ending hand injury in the 8th grade after a Pete Rose belly-flop steal into second base (safe, by the way).

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