MLB Scorebooks

People often ask what scorebooks MLB uses. 

There isn't an official baseball scorebook for MLB games. Many scorebooks can work for scoring MLB games as long as they provide room for plenty of substitutions, especially pitching substitutions. The #22 Scorebook from Numbers Game provides room for nine pitchers for each team, and you can track each pitch.

Other scorebooks used for MLB games will include room for writing in the division standings, full player rosters, and other advanced details that are especially handy for broadcasters to reference during games.

A good MLB scorebook will also have an inning-by-inning scoreboard section complete with boxes for runs, hits, errors and runners left on base. Sometimes these boxes will be labeled for a specific use, and other times they will be plain so you can use them to fit your scorekeeping style.

The home team scoresheet with scoring for the first inning of a Major League Baseball game

Popular Scorebooks for MLB Games 

  • Numbers Game #22 Scorebook
  • Bob Carpenter's Baseball Scorebook
  • 7-2 Double Play Square Scorebook
  • The Eephus League Halfliner Scorebook

More Scorekeeping Resources

Every Numbers Game scorebook includes a guide for using our scoresheets, as well as a reference for common scoring abbreviations. Additional helpful resources are listed on our Resources page.

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MLB scorebooks from Numbers Game for scoring MLB games from home and at the ballpark